Red Dot Product Design Award 2012

Lumenbeam LBX

The Lumenbeam LBX is a high performance architectural lighting projector, which uses energy-efficient, high-power LEDs for the illumination of large spaces and structures. The fixture is unique for its slim form factor and 120,000-hour lumen maintenance (L70). The powerful output and extended lifetime is the result of an innovative thermal design that allows cool air to flow through the system, while a chimney effect uses natural convection to rapidly eject hot air.

The Lumenbeam LBX is part of a broad family of Lumenbeam luminaires designed to solve multiple lighting challenges with a single consistently designed form factor, and is particularly effective for large-scale projects. It is available with a choice of 4 different optics and various mounting options, which gives greater scope to specifiers, lighting designers and architects.

IP66 rated, it is a 120-277 intelligent multivoltage luminaire available in white 2700K, 3000K and 4000K (4000K, 6° optic distributes 318,392 candelas with a 1fc min at 564ft), and RGB (6° optic distributes 182,487 candelas with a 1fc min at 427ft).

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