Lumenfacade Inground - LED Lighting Products and Fixtures

LIT Design Awards

The Lumenfacade Inground's breakthrough design provides unmatched performance and versatility, and meets all your ground-recessed lighting needs with ease. The Lumenfacade Inground has separate optical and power supply chambers, ensuring that the IP68-sealed design is secure and protected. The Lumenfacade Inground has an unparalleled photometric performance for its class. Among 15 optical distributions is an innovative, asymmetric optic that achieves an exceptional true uniformity (up to 1:3.2 min:max) and high mean illuminance with optimal spacing and setback. The Lumenfacade Inground provides a vast array of features and options, including a choice of lengths, outputs, distributions, color temperatures, color-rendering (RGB, RGBW & RGBA), and controls. The Lumenfacade Inground's versatility makes it ideal for asymmetric wallwashing, grazing, and even linear wayfinding.

Lumenfacade Inground took home the top prize in the "LED Lighting Products and Fixtures" category.

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