Architectural Lighting Turns Spotlight on the Collier Memorial

Lighting design at powerful MIT monument gets attention

Boston, MA

The Collier Memorial at MIT has made the pages of Architectural Lighting's February/March issue.

Designed by Boston-based Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design (HLB), the lighting design at the Collier Memorial uses Lumenbeam Small luminaires to mimic the effect of moonlight. Mounted on the rooftops of adjacent buildings, the luminaires use a mix of narrow beam angles to floodlight the memorial from above, illuminating the full structure and providing higher light levels where needed. Please visit Architectural Lighting to read the full article.

"The idea was to highlight the structure from above, allowing it to stand out in the existing plaza," said HLB senior designer Barrett Newell. "The Lumenbeam Small fixtures gave us the light output and the tight beams we needed to highlight the inscriptions, but they were still small enough to stay inconspicuous from below."    

Click here to read the Lumenpulse Collier Memorial case study.

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