Solutions to better our world.

Since our inception, LMPG has continued to stay true to our vision, passion, and philosophy. We make indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that better our world. The group's shared values of quality, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit ensure exceptional results and peace of mind to employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Our core values direct every decision we make, from design to marketing and beyond. Our values not only inform what we do, they determine how we do it.

Our values define our success in the marketplace. LMPG creates lighting solutions that better our world and the lives of people, not only through their quality of light but also through their sustainability. Our values mean we also look internally. LMPG invests in our employees, our corporate environment and are devoted to our economic responsibilities. Our values ensure that we give back to our communities and deliver to our stakeholders

François-Xavier Souvay
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of LMPG Inc.

Putting the world in a better light.


LED lighting uses at least 75%
less energy than tradition
lighting and lasts up to 25
years, or five times longer.

LED lighting is one of the most actionable technologies that can help cities transition
to a lower-carbon future.

According to the World Green
Building Council, building and
construction activities together
account for 36% of our global
final energy consumption. 

LMPG’s values insist upon sustainable products.

Sustainability is inherent to our product offering, design, and development philosophy. For example, we make sure that several products allow for component replacement instead of complete product replacement. Our solutions may be lighting based, but they by no means end there.

Our LED solutions better the world and the lives of people.

Our sustainable human-centric solutions provide tangible results such as lower energy consumption, renewable energy usage, and a reduced carbon footprint.

LMPG’s headquarters is a symbol of our commitment to our community and our industry. Our LEED Silver certified building means we are devoted to a better world, inside and out.

We invest in our employees, our corporate environment and are devoted to our economic responsibilities.

LMPG strives to sustain a progressive environment, one where every single employee is safe, welcome and valued to the highest degree. We aspire to an intrinsic diversity, an inclusionary space where everyone feels like they belong. We are devoted to monitoring and bettering these commitments through action and education.

We stand by these beliefs and remain accountable to them. LMPG's shared values of collaboration, transparency, and diversity create an empowered workforce. We give back to our communities and deliver to our stakeholders. Our multiple philanthropic commitments aside, LMPG is constantly evolving into a more responsible corporate citizen. 

Transparency and accountability guide our relationships with key stakeholders. We have a diversified and majority independent board of directors with highly relevant and actionable backgrounds.

LMPG’s corporate governance objectives focus on upholding our vision and delivering value to all of our stakeholders.