Next Generation Luminaires Design Award

Lumenbeam Small and Lumenbeam LBX

The Lumenbeam Small is a high-performance, 14W luminaire for lighting landscapes, trees, columns, monuments and architectural details. The Lumenbeam LBX is a high-performance, 140W luminaire for lighting multi-story facades and tall structures. Both fixtures offer a flexible package of options: a choice of optics for flood or accent lighting; a number of color temperatures and colors; various mounting options, accessories and spread lenses; and dimming control via DMX, DALI or 0-10 volt.

The judges appreciated the lighting effects, light output and efficiency of the Lumenbeam Small and Lumenbeam LBX, saying the smaller fixtuer would be appropriate for landscape applications while the extra-large model would be excellent for high-rise or distance applications.

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