Vice Media Headquarters

Launched in 1994 as the arts-and-culture magazine Voice of Montreal, Vice Media grew to become a media conglomerate with 75,000-square foot headquarters in NYC with 125 video editing suites, living rooms, a commerical-grade kitchen, a roof garden and over 1,000 employees. Settling in at their 43,700 square foot space,the company's vibrant and diverse workspace delivers a comprehensive interiors package to reflect its bespoke, eclectic nature. Unexpected touches, including a softly glowing, neon VICE sign and a reclaimed Persian rug paired with a distressed leather sofa, gives a taste of VICE's irreverent tendencies.

 The lighting set the tone for this quickly expanding Mass Media company that doubled in size during the construction of the project.  View luminaire by Fluxwerx was selected due to its innovative LED design: minimizing its visual presence in the Open Offices when transparent in its ‘off' position, while embracing the industrial warehouse character of the building when illuminated with its beam shape. 

 The fixture's array of lumen outputs allowed a consistent lighting approach on each of the three floors despite ceiling heights that varied more than 5-feet.  The client was impressed by the fixture's functionality and visual aesthetics.

Fluxwerx View

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Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Market: Institutions + Workplaces
Lighting Design: Lumen Architecture
Architect: The Switzer Group
Photographer: Touhey Photography / Max Touhey

Profile with its architecturally pleasing form was cleverly integrated between acoustic hung ceiling panels in conference rooms, providing a finished look despite this cost saving approach.

Nelson Jenkins, AIA, LC, IESNA, LEED®
Lumen Architecture, PLLC